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Lexington, Kentucky
Together Lexington
project type
Strategic Planning

EHI Consultants was commissioned to plan, research, and coordinate the development of a downtown walking tour in Lexington, KY, focusing on the history of African Americans in the area.

The self-guided tour featured 12 interpretive signs that highlighted significant individuals, places, and their contributions to the advancement of equality. EHI facilitated a thorough stakeholder review process, allowing community members to provide input on content development and site locations. Over 100 comments were received, shaping the stories and historical details included on each sign.

The tour spanned different periods, including slavery, Jim Crow discrimination, and the Black Freedom Struggle, with the stories selected through the collaborative efforts of a steering committee comprising Lexington community members. The initiative was inspired by discussions facilitated by Together Lexington’s Courageous Conversations, a local coalition focused on enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors. Funding for the signage was provided by Together Lexington, and additional information about each experience can be found on the VisitLex website.

EHI played a crucial role in the project, providing planning, historical research, design oversight, regulatory permitting, site selection, and the fabrication and installation of the signs. Their comprehensive involvement ensured the successful realization of this downtown experience, preserving and sharing the important narratives of African American history in Lexington.