Blue Grass Airport Taxiway Enhancement Program (TSEP)

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Lexington, Kentucky
Blue Grass Airport
project type
Engineering Design

The Blue Grass Airfield (BGA) Taxiway System Enhancement Project (TSEP) represents a comprehensive effort to upgrade and improve the taxiway system at BGA to meet the current design standards set by the FAA. This project also includes the construction of essential non-taxiway components, namely the Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) and Maintenance Facility, as well as the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Building.

Several challenges had to be overcome throughout the project, including accommodating existing FAA facilities within the project area, addressing the presence of karst formations known for caves and sinkholes, and implementing construction phasing to ensure uninterrupted operations of existing facilities. To account for the multi-year funding structure, the TSEP was divided into distinct phases as outlined below:

  • Phase I: SRE and Maintenance Facility
  • Phase II: ARFF Site Embankment Design
  • Phase III: Taxiway ‘A’ North
  • Phase IV: ARFF Facility
  • Phase V: Taxiway ‘A’ South & Taxiway ‘C’
  • Demolition of ARFF & Taxiway Apron Expansion