The Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project is designed to improve safety, alleviate traffic, connect highways and create economic development. This calls for building two bridges and the highways that connect them. EHI was tasked with assisting both Kentucky and Indiana to evaluate the potential economic impacts of tolls associated with the Project on Environmental Justice (EJ) populations, to describe public outreach efforts and public input regarding mitigation measures, and to recommend measures for mitigating the impacts of tolling on EJ populations. This information will be compiled to help establish the Tolling Policy and a Tolling Mitigation Plan for the Project, as required by the Revised Record of Decision (RROD).

Conduct a detailed assessment of the potential economic effects of tolls on low-income and minority populations, using the latest publicly available population data, traffic forecasts, and community input.

Identify and evaluate a range of measures for mitigating the effects of tolling on low-income and minority populations.

Provide an opportunity