Citation_SectionEHI recently completed a small area plan for that incorporated the Winburn and Russell Cave neighborhoods in Lexington, KY. The small area plan encompassed several neighborhoods with differing socioeconomic conditions and diverse character, as well as mixed housing densities and types. Some of the neighborhoods were constructed from the late 1960s to early 1970s, while others were constructed in more recent years. Although each neighborhood represents distinctive qualities, each shares similar suburban characteristics and a general lack of connectivity. The area is unique based on its socio-economic, demographic and locational attributes, however, the development patterns over time resulted in an area with fragmented and isolated residential islands.

The plan provided a development framework used to guide both public infrastructure and private investment efforts for the purpose of neighborhood revitalization and creating a more livable, connected and sustainable place.   The plan’s recommendations developed new sustainable strategies that balanced the market demand for great, walkable, urban places and communities, with the need for jobs, housing, and transportation that are attainable and equitable to everyone. Major elements of the plan included the extension of Citation Boulevard, a local collector street and opportunities to utilize large, vacant parcels, existing parks and trails as catalysts for redevelopment.