Our commitment is to the improvement of the natural, social, physical and cultural environments. Our goal is to promote planning and engineering as a way to protect what we value in a given area. We believe that design and planning should complement each other and are not mutually exclusive. Our belief is that the outcome must be inclusive. We believe that the improvement of the environmental, social and physical communities depends on understanding people, place, environment and economic forces.

Successful communities grow out of design, engineering and planning, which is attained by a process of looking, listening, and testing many ideas. Our objective is to see our work sustained through its functionality and utilization by the people we are planning and designing for. We believe that the quality of the place is fundamental to the quality of life and they must complement each other.


Planning as a discipline is an important element of services we provide to our clients. Ranging from small area plans to comprehensive plans, the planning process involves several steps along the way…


Civil Engineering covers a broad range of capabilities that effect many aspects of both the private and public sectors. Ranging from preliminary site assessment to roadway design…

Environmental Services

Environmental services are an integral part of many aspects of engineering and planning. Aspects of environmental services can range from site assessments to remediation studies and often…


Public Facilitation and Community Involvement is a vital process in which information is channeled from residents, businesses, and stakeholders within a project area. The approach to public input…

Federal Support Services

EHI has current experience with the United States Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management. EHI has ongoing experience in Paducah, Kentucky and Portsmouth, Ohio…

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

EHI has worked to prepare numerous Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) plans within Kentucky. The preparation of these plans includes a set of participation goals, development of objectives and…

What our clients say

“It was always been a pleasurable and engaging experience, when partnering with AECOM. It is evident that AECOM values the DBE program, by allowing EHI to provide meaningful services on various projects, while simultaneously offering opportunities to mentor and grow our technical capacities. It is EHI’s commitment to continue to provide valuable DBE services to AECOM.”

“For the past five years, Mr. Eric Roberts has provided exemplary service as the facilitator for the Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board (EM SSAB) Chairs Meeting. I have seen Mr. Roberts’ superior facilitation for the Paducah Citizens Advisory Board but the EM SSAB Chairs meeting is much more difficult to manage… Thank you for continuing to allow Mr. Roberts to provide this service to the US Department of Energy.”

“I have worked with Ed Holmes, EHI’s founder and president, since 2011. Throughout this time, I have continued to be impressed by Ed’s talent for designing communities, and his ability to skillfully partner with both private and public partners to get the job done well.”

“Under the leadership of EHI Consultants, the Southend Park Urban Village Plan was conceived by a consulting team with the participation of affected residents, local elected official, Lexington Urban County Government staff from the Divisions of Engineering, Planning, Community Development, and the Departments of Public Works and Social Services. EHI treated the project area residents themselves as the primary client group and, through many public meetings, focus groups and door-to-door interviews will all residents, a plan emerged addressing the environmental justice issues….”

“Throughout the planning and implementation phases of this complex project, EHI has been readily available to city staff and other team members to respond to issues that result from an ever changing project climate, to research innovative solutions, and to make practical and workable recommendations for long-term project success.”