Adam Klier

Adam is an experienced Planner with 7 years in municipal, land use, and regulatory planning. His project portfolio spans urban design, open space preservation, and sign ordinance drafting. He has honed a keen interest in sustainable urban design, specializing in green infrastructure, multi-modal transportation, and community resilience.

As a vital member of the EHI team, Adam has excelled in public engagement, leading design charrettes, stakeholder meetings, and fostering collaboration. He has taken the helm on key projects, including the Paris/Bourbon County Demographics Report, Public Input and Analysis for Cardinal Run Park North’s design, and Stakeholder engagement for the Lexington KY Development Process Report. Adam’s dynamic leadership extends to various EHI initiatives, contributing to the Pikeville KY Unified Development Ordinance, the Red River Neighborhood Plan for Clarksville TN, the Franklin KY Comprehensive Plan, and the University of Louisville’s Campus Master Plan. His holistic approach to planning, coupled with effective communication skills, continues to shape resilient and vibrant communities.