Algonquin, Park Duvalle, Hallmark Community Plan

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Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Metro
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Community Planning

EHI Consultants is undertaking the development of a neighborhood plan for the vibrant communities of Algonquin, Park DuValle, and Hallmark.

Situated in southwestern Jefferson County, these adjacent neighborhoods hold historical significance and unique qualities that define their authenticity. Our team is leading the planning efforts to establish flexible visions for the future, ensuring sustainable growth while preserving the individual identities of each neighborhood and district.

The neighborhood plan will serve as a guiding framework, directing future growth and offering specific recommendations for investments in the area. Our approach aims to adopt a unified vision that enhances the existing assets while promoting the distinct character of each community. EHI Consultants recognizes the importance of addressing racial injustices that have historically impacted the study area. To that end, the plan will conduct a thorough analysis of policies, regulations, and practices that have contributed to these structural inequities.

By identifying these disparities, our goal is to provide a development framework that guides public infrastructure and private investment efforts, revitalizing the neighborhoods and creating a more livable, connected, and sustainable place. The recommendations put forth will not only spur new and innovative sustainable strategies, but also strive to strike a balance between the market demand for vibrant, walkable, urban environments and the essential need for attainable and equitable access to jobs, economic vitality, housing, and transportation for all members of the community.