Reimagine 9th Street

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Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Metro
project type
Engineering Design

The “Reimagine 9th Street” project presents an exceptional opportunity for the City of Louisville to bring together neighborhoods, the Central Business District, and the entire community.

By working in close partnership with Louisville Metro, we aim to create a shared vision that fulfills the requirements of the FHWA’s grant, positioning Louisville Metro for success as a first-time direct recipient.

“Reimagine 9th Street” offers a unique chance to transform a dividing roadway into a unifying thoroughfare that connects the community. Our approach focuses on enhancing public spaces, prioritizing roadway safety and efficiency, and embracing the principles of complete streets. We strive to create vibrant and healthy spaces that reflect the community’s needs, foster economic development, and prioritize the pedestrian experience. Through strong intermodal connections, we aim to encourage multi-modal transportation options, while ensuring the aesthetic appeal and resilience of the streetscape through careful material selection.

The ultimate goal is for the “Reimagine 9th Street” project to serve as a catalyst for unity, progress, and a thriving community.