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Paris, Kentucky
City of Paris
project type
Community Planning

EHI Consultants recognizes the importance of creating healthy, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhoods where every community member has equal access to a good quality of life.

Unfortunately, many communities, particularly minority and low-income neighborhoods, face barriers to accessing safe, healthy, and sustainable environments. Economic inequalities and concentrated poverty often result in limited resources and services, impeding the development of equitable neighborhoods.

To address these challenges, EHI is collaborating closely with the City of Paris Board of Commissioners to spearhead a comprehensive community engagement process for the West Side Neighborhood. Building upon the recommendations outlined in EHI’s 2020 West Side Neighborhood Strategic Action Plan, we are working in coordination with the planning office to implement strategies that promote inclusivity and community development.

Through our active engagement efforts, we are actively involving residents and stakeholders in the process. Our goal is not only to identify the issues and challenges faced by the community but also to discover local assets, resources, and innovative ideas that can contribute to neighborhood improvements. Some of the tasks we are undertaking include organizing an annual community festival, creating West Side Neighborhood branding and identity, facilitating quarterly neighborhood meetings, and providing guidance on digital engagement strategies.