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Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Metro
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Community Engagement

The Broadway Master Plan is a transformative project aimed at reimagining the Broadway corridor in Louisville.

This comprehensive planning initiative seeks to create a complete street that offers safe, practical, and multi-modal access, connecting the West End, Dixie Highway, Bardstown Road, and the Central Business District. The project not only focuses on improving transportation infrastructure but also recognizes its potential as a catalyst for economic development and revitalization throughout the city.

EHI Consultants has designed a comprehensive engagement approach for the Broadway Master Plan. Leveraging our team’s diverse experience in successful public engagement projects, we are committed to delivering an inclusive and consensus-driven planning process. Through innovative and respectful outreach initiatives, we will actively involve the community from the beginning to the end of the project. By tapping into the wisdom and insights of the people who use the streets, we will help create design solutions that reflect their needs and aspirations.

Our approach to community outreach includes producing attractive graphics that effectively communicate design ideas rooted in accurate standards. We understand that vibrant communities are the result of engaging, diverse, and authentic public spaces that provide multiple transportation options. With our extensive experience in multi-modal engineering, planning, and urban design, we are prepared to think outside the box and bring progressive solutions to the Broadway Master Plan.